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Hi dolls! I had no idea there were boards like this. I am new to it all so bare with me if I don't know how to post and reply properly lol. My name is Christen and I am expecting a little boy named Chance Allen on April 14th, 2012. My husband and I were transferred to the Charlotte area almost two years ago. We are a military family so we can never settle in one place for more than 2-4 years. It's pretty hard to make new friends when we're always moving around, but we make due.

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  • congrats on your pregnancy!  we're an army family too, but based out of Bragg.  how long are you going to stay in the area?  we just got word we'll be here for another 2 years which is a relief to me :)
  • Hey honey :) Thanks and congrats on your pregnancy as well!! We PCS in about 12-14 months. My husband was DA selected in 2010 for recruiting duty here in Charlotte based out of Jackson. We're pretty stoked to get back to normal next year though. He really dislikes this duty and misses his MOS. We have a bunch of friends at Bragg, and make a lot of trips over that way. It's a really nice post ;)
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  • Hello there! I'm also an Army wife at Bragg! We did recruiting several years back and my husband hated it - so I feel you there. I spend a lot of time in Charlotte (friends, great restaurants and shopping). 


    Oh and love that belly pic! :)


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