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Diaper Brand Question

For those of you who don't cloth diaper- which brand is the best for disposables and why?
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Re: Diaper Brand Question

  • Before DD was born we had a bunch of different brands of diapers from the baby shower.  Buy a variety and see what works best.  Now we use Target's Up and Up because they work well and are really affordable.

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  • I've used Huggies, Pampers, and Target brand and they all seem pretty much the same and we've have never had any leaking or anything so I am just going to stick to Target brand since they are cheaper unless I have a coupon for Huggies that make them cheaper which happens sometimes.
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  • Agree with PPs. Thus far pampers has worked best for us.


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  • depends on how the baby is built.DD fits pampers great, and Huggies, up and up, and costco horribly.

    Get a few small packs, figure out which ones you like best, then sign up for amazon mom and get auto delivery of the ones you want.

    pampers swaddlers are awesome due to the blue stripe, letting you know if it' wet or not.

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  • We are a Pampers Sensitive house, but there was some trial and error involved.
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  • Ditto PPs. Like Up & Up. Pampers are ok. Hate Parents Choice (Walmart brand I thi k)
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  • Like everyone else said.  It really depends on the baby. 

    With DS#1, in the beginning we used Pampers but quickly switched to Huggies because they worked better.

    So far with DS#2, Pampers Swaddlers are working the best.  We tried the Wal-mart generic (I think it is Parent's Choice...I can't remember right now, someone had gifted them to us) and those didn't work at all.   The Huggies did not work either.  I had to change his clothes twice the other day because he soaked right through the Huggies.

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  • It depends. We use the Up&Up ones, they work great for us! Some people hate some brands for one reason or another. We used pampers new baby in the hospital, and they gave us a bunch to take home. They fit DD pretty well. We also used huggies for a while without issue.
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  • Ditto PP- it's trial and error.

    We prefer Pampers for DS. Up & Up and Huggies give his rashes. Luvs work okay but they make a really irritating noise (I know I'm weird...).

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  • Mostly up & up or sams club. You save a ton of money! They have always fit well and no leaks.
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  • We use cloth but have some disposables that we use here and there.  Our current package of disposables is Pampers Baby Dry, and we HATE them.  They're plenty absorbent, so we don't have any problems with urine leaks but any time he poops, we get a blow out up the back.  We had some Huggies Pure & Natural before the Baby Dry, and they were way better because they actually had elastic in the back unlike the Pampers Baby Dry.  If you end up with a powerful pooper (not as much an issue with a brand new newborn) like mine, I highly suggest finding a brand with good elastic in the back.
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  • We used Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive from newborn through size 2. At size 3, we switched to Pampers Baby Dry. The Pampers Cruisers didn't fit him well in the legs at the time. Now we use either Pampers Baby Dry or Pampers Cruisers during the day (size 4) and Huggies Overnight Size 5 at night.

    So much of it is just trial and error to find what you will like.

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  • I do CD, but right now LO has a yeast rash that just won't quit, so she's been in disposables while she's getting her treatment. I like the Up&Up brand. DD is a power pooper, and we haven't had any blowouts up her back (although we literally came within a centimeter once).
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  • I used to use Huggies, but for Mason I had to switch to Pampers Sensitive.  He really is sensitive and those diapers made a huge difference in his diaper rash occurences.

    As cheap as I am and as much as I love coupons, I've never been able to use generic diapers (with the exception of pull up kind for toddlers) or generic formula for some reason.  I'm just weird that way.

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