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Speach ?

Adi is trying to talk more...but he's not quite getting it. He will make sounds for each syllable, but not get the word. Like "kitty" he says "kn-kn," hi-chair is "ha-cha," hotdog is "ha-da"...Is this normal? He just doesn't seem to be getting the last parts of words. Oh, and "I love you" is "Ah wa woo."

Re: Speach ?

  • Sounds pretty normal to me.  My LO says what he can, eliminates or substitutes when he can't. 

    Examples from my LO:

    Dog- "dah"

    Lisa- "sa"

    Rijo- "jo jo" 

  • totally normal

  • Oh, forgot I don't have a ticker...he's 20 months old.
  • He definitely has more "words" than my DS. Yesterday he picked up (or we realized what it really meant) airplane which is "ah-pah" and sometimes comes out "ah-pine". For a couple days I was thinking it was "apple" or "up" but then we figured it out... He may have 8-10 "words" @ almost 20mo.
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  • Yours is doing better then ours.  We actually had her 18 month check up today and our Ped was impressed by her speech (which was surprising) since she only says 2 words.  But she signs a lot and can say words just chooses not to.

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