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Hey there!! 

I replied to your last message this morning! It was so sweet of you to think of Cheddar!

We got the blood work back and the vet said she ruled out diabetes, anemia, and thyroid issues. She's going to analyze it more fully tomorrow when she's in the office.    For now, she said keep giving Cheds the low dose aspirin and just let her rest. 

Shes not QUITE as lethargic today, but still not herself. I'm hoping they figure it out soon.... 

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Re: **organicteacher

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    Awwww!!!! Of course!  I went back last night and saw your response to me - I am thinking about you guy and just sending lots of pug love your way! :) lol.  

    When you find out - share what the vet says - 

    Hope your day today is better!!! :) 

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