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3rd Trimester

GERD sufferers...

How's your heartburn and acid reflux? Mine was doing fine, hadn't gotten much worse, but now..woo! I can't eat or drink anything without getting heartburn. And I can't sleep without getting horrible acid reflux unless I take tums before I lay down. Tums are my best friend right now :-)   What other remedies are you all using?
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Re: GERD sufferers...

  • I keep a bottle of TUMS in my purse.  I just took the last one today, so I'll have to refill it from the bottle in the medicine cabinet.  I have acid reflux when I'm not pregnant too :(
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  • I was put on Pepcid AC a couple of weeks ago and oh my I feel like a whole new person and life is wonderful again
  • Tums make me gag now...but Pepcid has hanged my life! Wish I had known about it with my first pregnancy!

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  • I used tums till 35 weeks than was put on a prescription as I could not get rid of it.

  • It's horrible!  The babe is right up under my ribs and I can't eat or bend over without feeling the pain.  Pepcid and Tums used to do it for me, but I'm not finding much relief now.  I need a new plan

  • Prevacid, Zantac, Tums or bread. Breads absorb stomach acid, as well as crackers, so I try to eat some vs. me and my pasta fiend ways!
  • I've been taking prevacid for awhile now.  It is great for me, I don't think I'd be able to eat or sleep without it.  But, lately, it's not quite cutting it.  Still way better than it was.
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  • My OB prescribed omeprazole (generic Prilosec) for me months ago, and it has been a lifesaver!

    Even with it, I've had a couple of incidents lately where late at night, my reflux was so bad I've actually ended up throwing up : (

    I can't wait for this reflux to end when this pregnancy does! 

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  • I take 2 extra strength zantac a day and take Tums and still have heartburn.  The doctor is supposed to be prescribing me something new today. 

     The doc also recommended to stop eating meals and to start grazing.  So if normally you would have a sandwich, apple, and chips for lunch to spread that out over 2-3 hours instead of 30 minutes.  

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  • image Wiscisbliss:

     The doc also recommended to stop eating meals and to start grazing.  So if normally you would have a sandwich, apple, and chips for lunch to spread that out over 2-3 hours instead of 30 minutes.  

    This definitely helps.  B/c of my gallbladder issues, I cannot overeat and eating small meals helps with both.

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  • A cold water bottle or ice pack on my chest usually brings relief. 

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  • I was using Tums, then it got worse; so dr had me get Zantac; then got really bad ... So dr had me switch to Prevacid & I have had NO PROBLEMS since.  I didn't even have to take 1 today??! If it continues to be bad talk to your dr, it helped me!
  • Someone told me an apple before bed and I swear it works better than Tums for me!

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  • what works for me besides taking a million TUMS a day, stay sitting up after I eat/drink anything for at least 45 min. If I already have it, sipping milk helps and eatting an apple as a PP mentioned.



  • I've been taking protonix or my GERD for close to 3 years now. I still take tums and zantac a few times a week. So far I haven't noticed that big of a change once becoming pregnant, guess I'm lucky so far. Heartburn is the worst! 

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  • Zantac SAVED MY LIFE!!! I actually use the generic version of Zantac which is a drug called "Ranitidine". SERIOUSLY take this before you eat and it will do wonders!!!!! I used tums up until probably 24 weeks and my GERD went away for a bit but then after christmas it came back with a bang!! I tried zantac/ranitidine and I was in love!! haha its also TOTALLY safe to take while pregnant!! I called my obgyn just to make sure!
  • Tums doesn't really work for me and lately I've been having heartburn so bad that I've become nauseous in the morning. I will be talking to my OB at my next appointment. 
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  • I started drinking Rooibos tea yesterday because I've read that it can help with GERD. I've been having horrible heartburn and reflux, and Tums and Maalox are just not cutting it.

    I had a small supper yesterday, a glass of skim milk, and a cup of Rooibos tea. Then I popped 1 tums before bed, and didn't have heartburn or reflux for the first time in well over a couple of months!

    I'm not sure if it's coincidental or what, but I'll be trying it again today.

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