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LO not pooping...?

Waiting for a call back from pediatrician, but wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this yet.

LO hasn't pooped in over 24 hours. He is formula fed.

He always has gone long stretches in between poops, 8 - 10 hours atleast, but he's never gone this far before.

He doesn't seem uncomfortable. He is still peeing constantly, and eating on "schedule"....

Anyone else.....? 

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Re: LO not pooping...?

  • Trey finally seems to have regulated his poop routine, but for awhile he would go multiple days without pooping.  We were also going to the dr for regular (2x weekly) weight checks and our pedi always said as long as his stomach is flat and soft (not hard and distended) he wasn't concerned.  Although that was earlier on (T was only a week old or so) and his routine hadn't been established.  My guess is the same logic will apply though, as long as they don't seem uncomfortable, no hard stomach, etc.
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  • Yep! H poops every other day ... she used to poop at night every night but now she poops every other day and usually its quite a bit 

    Shes exclusively FF ...  she doesnt fuss and she passes LOTS of gas ... so Im thinking shes fine

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  • My DD went 3 days without pooping and it was STRESSING me out! She finally went after I stuck a thermometer in her rectum and wiggled it around a bit. It was a BLOWOUT! 
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  • Welcome to my world. DD goes 2-3 days between poops. It's weird though, because she usually has around 15 oz of pumped BM and 12-15 oz of formula, so I would think she would go more frequently than she does. Pedi does not seem concerned, but I know it worries me! She also has TONS of gas that really seems to bother her, so I am thinking about switching formulas. 

    Will baby #3 be another girl?


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  • Sorry I cant help you... I actually seem to have the opposite problem - baby girl poops all the time! I am actually pretty sure she waits for me to change her just so she can poop again in a clean diaper. Tongue Tied

    I hope everything with your LO is alright! Here's to hoping for a poopy diaper!

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  • Our little guy is doing this also. He's EBF, but he seems to only poop every 2-3 days. My Dr did not seem concerned about it because he's having a LOT of wet diapers, and is eating/sleeping just fine.  When he does go... oh boy...does he ever go! I think the term "poop-armageddon" was used the other day lol.

    He's also quite gassy.. poor little fellow.

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