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Anyone else on 'bed rest'? Question...

So, I don't really understand this bed rest thing. My doctor didn't give me "rules" about what I can and cannot do. All she said was, "Lay, relax, and take it easy." I see her tomorrow morning and I'll ask for sure, but I wondered if any of you ladies are on it/have been and what could you do?

Family members are offering to make DH and I meals, come over and help me, etc. I mean... I can walk, so...can I get up and DO stuff? I just figured bed rest meant to not go to work and relax, but does it literally mean BED.REST.? I don't want to overdo anything, but to me it seems like people are making a bigger deal out of it than I am. Maybe I'm missing something... haha


Edit: I don't mean that I'll be running up and down the stairs and lifting heavy things, but as far as cooking/cleaning up/etc...??

Re: Anyone else on 'bed rest'? Question...

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    depends how strict your bed rest is...some moms can only get up to pee or go to bed or from bed to couch.  I am on "modified bedrest" due to my cerclage (precaution since I had issues with my 1st before dd...but all pregnancies so far I have had a nice long, closed cervix).  Modified meaning don't walk much...no grocery shopping trips, walks in the mall, heavy lifting, etc.  I was more careful with the other two...DD I didn't have anything to do other than work and it was a low key office job in the hospital I delivered at...w/DS I was home and DD was 9 so I didn't have to do much other than pick her up from school. Now w/DS I am definitely acting 100% normal...I am not doing my house cleaning anymore...but I do grocery shopping, errands, take care of him, make dinner...I feel great and my cervix is fine. (so far)  I really think the 1st time was a fluke but you never know so I would rather be safe than sorry and have the cerclage than miscarrying early again.
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    It varies so much -- only your doctor can tell you what to do.  PP is right!

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