TTC after 35

Visitation & Funeral Tomorrow.

The visitation starts at 10am tomorrow to 1pm with the funeral at 2pm.  I've been in contact with bil and he's doing good so far but that's cuz he's been busy with everything.  I am worried about him and also my dh who is not doing well at all with this.  They were all good friends. 

I will not be in tomorrow or online but I'll keep you updated as we go.

Thank you - you ladies are wonderful!!!

Re: Visitation & Funeral Tomorrow.

  • Promises to be a tough day for sure. Let us know how it goes, we'll be thinking about you.
    TTC since July 2007 a year on our own, 7 IUIs spread out over 2 years, all BFN IVF attempt #1 - September - antagonist protocol, called off CD8 due too poor response IVF attempt #2 - November - called off on CD11 due to low estrogen IVF attempt #3 - started stims Jan 25th...converted/cancelled Jan 31st...SWITCHED BACK TO IVF Feb 3rd! ER Feb 7th...lets DO this! ET Feb 12th, Beta #1 141, Beta #2 356, u/s #1 hb 141 bpm, u/s at 7 weeks 1 day no hb, missed m/c. So sad. IVF #4 scheduled for June 2011, last chance, this is it
  • We'll be thinking of you. 
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