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Grrr ILs are visiting-help me!!!

I am trying not to be a mega b!tch right now! ILs were invited for dinner tonight, they are taking us to Disney in July so we are discussing the trip (so I know I should be nice). HOWEVER they called at 11am and said they would be here in an hour, umm is noon dinner!? I told them DH wasn't even home, he went to a Bachelor party last night and crashed at a friend's house, I wasn't showered, the hosue was a mess!

I called DH showered, ran thru the house, dressed L, etc. They showed up as DH made it home. They just rub me the wrong way. The party DH went to last night was for a friend who decided a month ago to rush his wedding plans because his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His parents are so insulted that they weren't invited to the wedding (in 2 weeks) they won't let it go. DHs friend has asked us not to say anything about his mother's diagnosis as she isn't ready to tell people (she wants to focus on the wedding for now). I hope they feel like douche bags after they find out! THey are sayign we shouldn't invite them to the baby (who is currently in my womb's) christening since they weren't invited to the wedding, well WE were invited because we are close to them, you are just their friends parents. Ugh, anyways, I have to go try and be nice as I discuss hotel options for the next few hours!

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Re: Grrr ILs are visiting-help me!!!

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