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Lump on 4 month old's forehead

 My four month old son has this strange lump on his forehead, he has a doctor's visit in a couple of days but I wanted to do some research on it just in case. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Thanks



Re: Lump on 4 month old's forehead

  • Did he hit himself or run into anything by any chance? Like the crib slats or something?
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  • Yeah, mine gets random bumps like that sometimes too. From banging her head on something.

    Usually rolling around in her crib she hits the slats or now that she army crawls she bangs her head on the floor quite often. She thinks that's fun for some reason lately.

  • I haven't seen any bumps or knots on my LO and I'm more surprised I haven't, lol!  He isn't crawling or rolling from back to belly but he bangs his head hard into stuff, including me!  It never seems to phase him even when it hurts me like crazy. Keep watch and make sure it doesn't get any bigger but usually bumps like that are normal.



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