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Whew, weekly bath/torture session is over!

DD hates baths, or rather, hates getting dried off and dressed after her bath. During the bath she just looks at me very unsure, like she is suspicious about this weird stuff we call water and she's sure it's somehow going to hurt her. After her bath she has a meltdown and will cry inconsolably for a good ten minutes until she finally calms down enough to eat, hence I bathe her only once a week unless she gets really dirty. The rest if the time I just wipe her down with a wet washcloth. I'm hoping this is something she'll outgrow, any tips for making it better?
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Re: Whew, weekly bath/torture session is over!

  • She will outgrow it. DS screamed bloody murder until about 3 weeks.  Then he was just unimpressed.  It was about 3 months or so until he actually enjoyed it.  What helped us was taking a bath together.  I could bathe him in the "big" tub and he liked snuggling with me.
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  • DD went through a phase where she really hated bath time-especially after bath time. Now bath time is one of her favorite things. It will get better. And little babies really don't need baths that often, so you are doing fine!
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  • We usually have this problem up until a few days ago. We do bath and then have a heater going in her room to make it nice and toasty. And then put her on the floor on a blanket and do naked baby and story time. DH distracts her with toys while I do lotion. She cries a little bit when we go to put her jammies on and swaddle, but nothing like the meltdown we used to have. 
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  • DD only enjoys her baths (and the drying off part) if the bathroom is super warm.  I've learned to run the shower on high a good 5-10 minutes before giving her a bath to assure the temp in the room is Florida worthy.

    She still hates the getting dressed part... but yesterday we successfully had some babbling in the bathtub followed by smiles while getting toweled off :)

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  • DD was like this until we realized she hated the hooded towel part over her head. We would dry her hair and face first when she is still in the tub, then take her out and dry the rest of her sitting up. We skip lotion because she still hates it.

    I hope it gets better for you and Winter.

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  • My LO was the same way... he grew out of it.. and we switched to the Puj Tub... he LOVED it!


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  • I hope it is just a phase. I don't give DS a bath everyday either. We try to do 3 baths a week.
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  • DS LOVES baths now, which is a complete 180 from where we started.  We went from balls out screaming the moment his clothes came off until sometime after you'd redressed him and done the 5 Ss for a while to where you are now to crazy dancing and squealing in the tub. 

    When he was where you are, I couldn't figure out what was causing his freak outs as he liked the bath itself.  For a while there, I thought the towels were too rough and that was the problem, so I used only our thinnest and smoothest towels.  He screamed less with those. 

    Then, I figured out that he was getting cold.  See, we'd figured out early on that he liked his bath water fairly warm (warmer than I thought he'd want) and he was cooling off too fast after the bath.  When I figured out the cold after the bath issue, I started singing to him while drying him off and getting him dressed.  I was already singing to him in the bath as my mom did that while bathing him and it was the ONLY time he didn't freak out during a bath.  My song is simple and is always the same tune - it's the tune to "Shake Your Booty."  DH makes fun of me, but the kid loves it.  I change the words to: "Wash the baby" or "Wash the baby arm, etc..."  I figure it helps to teach him the names of his body parts.  It worked to distract him at first and now it makes him laugh.  I don't sing it all the time now either as he likes baths now.  He actually gets a daily bath. 

    The thing that I figured out with him that completely shut down the freak out (unless he's seriously overtired) after the bath was that he was crying because he was pissed that the bath was over.  That was a shocker.  So, I started letting him spend a few more minutes in the water after I was done bathing him (I keep singing/talking to him and pouring warm water over him) and then give him a warning that I'm about to pull the drain and it'll soon be time to get out.  That extra couple of minutes stopped the freak outs.  

    Just keep trying Ginger.  As much as it sucks, it's not like you can snap your fingers and she's suddenly clean.  Hopefully she'll grow out of it very, very soon!

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  • Thanks for the tips everyone, we'll have to try all of them. We already have a hair dryer set up at both her upstairs and downstairs changing areas and I try to stick her under it right away so I think that is keeping her warm, but who knows it could be a bunch of things.
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  • My son does not like baths.  We still give him a bath once a week.  And we use a lot of Mustela Physiobebe No Rinse cleansing fluid to clean him up after a poopy diaper. 
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