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Hello, I am 40 years old and I have had 3 miscarriages in the last 2 years.  My husband and I have made an appointment for the CVS test at Atlanta Perinatal Consultants in Atlanta and I was wondering if anyone here has been there?  Would like to hear about how your experience went...thanks.

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    First of all, I'm sorry for your previous losses.  I went to Atlanta Perinatal Consultants, although I didn't have a CVS with them.   That group is the large perinatal group that serves Piedmont, Northside, and a bunch of other hospitals in the area (although not Emory Midtown or Dekalb).  I saw these guys a lot since I was considered high risk because of twins.  I loved my main doctor, Dr. Mann.  It took us a little while to warm up to her, but she was fabulous.  I also saw Drs Korotkin (great), Nathan (eh), Lopez-Zeno (fine), and Gomez (fine).  I think they are all great doctors, but some are more personable than others.  I saw so many because I was hospitalized a couple weekends and then wound up with weekly visits around the holidays so they scheduling was a little tricky.  I think they are a great group and their office staff and u/s techs were always nice too.  I was mainly at the Piedmont office but had a couple visits at Northside too.  Good luck!
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    I've seen Dr. Trevitt with all 3 of my pg. He's great and I really like him. I usually go to the northside office and the nurses/techs there are great. They've all been so nice especially when I was going through PTL with my first pg.
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    We went to Atlanta Perinatal and I really liked them.  We were there through almost 20 weeks and everyone we dealt with was wonderful. Good luck!
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    I saw Dr. Allen at the Northside location and really liked him (both pregnancies).  I had a CVS test with my second son and Dr. Matsumoto (I think) did that test.  It was pretty stressful (esp. waiting on the results!), but not too painful.  I had a false positive for a fatal trisomy on my NT test, hence the reason for the CVS.  My uterus is tilted, so it took a few tries to do the test, but it was not that bad.  I had to do IVF with my first, and it was a similiar procedure to the transfer.

     Good luck!

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