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Daisygirl613 - ENT update

We saw the ENT today for Bryce. Our ENT ordered a sleep study and an xray of Bryce's adenoids (which we did today). Since Bryce is only 15 months, he doesn't like to take the tonsils out unless he has too. If the sleep study shows any signs of sleep apnea they will remove the tonsils and adenoids. If it doesn't then just his adenoids will come out. He said sometimes just taking the adenoids out helps with the problem. So now we wait to schedule the sleep study.

I've already talked to two different people who have dealt iwth this in their kids and they both said their kid had to do a sleep study beforehand. I'm going to take to one of hte moms more about it all b/c she did a ton of research about this. 

 Hope this helps some. Let me know what you end up doing.


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Re: Daisygirl613 - ENT update

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    Thanks for the info.  We started flonase and put a humidifier in his room and have noticed a little difference so far.  I'm not sure how long we do the nose spray though.  So we'll see.


    Thanks for the update.  Good luck with everything.  I'm curious how that all will work out. 

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