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My 3hr GTT results

Welp, I didn't fail technically.  BUT- my 2nd hour blood draw was high by 7 points, so I failed one number.  The other numbers were fine...but, as diabetes runs in my family, and due to my weight, they want to send me to a dietician/nutritionist anyways just as a precaution.  I was a little upset...I thought I would be in the clear, but I'm just glad that all of this has been caught now.  I had the feeling that it might not even be GD, it might just be that I am prediabetic due to my family and my weight, so if this is an issue that I may have in the future, I'm glad that I can start taking care of it now.  Of course I was really nervous at the appointment, so my BP was up a little bit, so I got upset about that too...but everything else is absolutely fine.  I'm still down pre-pregnancy weight, but baby is growing great.  His HB is good, and they're not concerned about my BP at this point.  I'm still not considered "high risk" so I'm relieved about that, I just need to be careful so it doesn't progress to that point, especially now what we're getting into the 3rd trimester.  I'm scared to death of developing pre-e or GD down the line, because I know I'm at a higher risk for that due to my weight, so I'm just trying to keep myself calm and not trying to stress as much- I keep telling myself "everything is fine today, everything will be fine tomorrow".  Thumper has been doing so well, he's kicking like crazy- I'm so proud of him already...I just get worried that I'll fail him, if that makes any sense.  I'm trying so very hard though.

Anyways, thank you to all the ladies who wished me luck and kept me in mind after I failed my one hour, I always appreciate the support I get from this board. :) 

Re: My 3hr GTT results

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    Sorry to hear about that, but its good that you are taking the steps needed to help stay healthy!! Glad to hear that baby is good though!! You are doing a great job and dont let it get you down!!
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    Sorry to hear about that test, but glad baby is doing great. Keeping you in mind!
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    Sorry to hear about the test not going perfectly.

    I know it is tough to get used to in the beginning, but talking from getting dx'd with GD very early, it is truly manageable. Actually, easily so. I've had GD for 11 weeks now (we're calling it that now, but it may have been preexisting, will only know for sure once LO is here, but will continue to monitor my sugar levels) and it is hard in the beginning, but once you get past the initial shock, it is easy to deal with and helps you feel in control. I felt like it was me failing at first, especially between switching diets and gaining control, but now I feel pride in knowing I can tell my LO that you do what you must for the people you love in life.

    I hope you don't have to go through it and it is just a funky one-off number, but just letting you know that if you do, it does get easier and you have some extra support here :) 

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