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45 minutes to go....

...until my OB appointment and gender scan. OMG I am the MOST impatient person when it come to this whether it be my pregnancy or someone else's. I can't wait. I will update with the news later. Can you tell I am trying to busy myself? 
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Re: 45 minutes to go....

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    LOL. I was impatient before mine and we weren't even finding out! What's your feeling? I say boy! ;)
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    Doesn't the clock tick and tick and tick. We had early testing done due to some issues and found out pretty early on that we were having a second boy. And part of me was so happy to know close to the start, but now I really wish I was having an U/S right about now...just make sure everything is alright.
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    Anxiously awaiting your news! Hope you had a cooperative baby and that everything looked great!
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