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Stupid RLS!!!

Gah!!! I couldn't sleep a wink last night. My leg would not stop tingling no matter which way I turned. I tried to massage it that only worked for a few seconds, I got up to pee every chance I could cause they say to get up and move around a bit that worked till I laid back down. I tried everything to go to sleep and ignore the stupid RLS. And all I could do was look at my DH and be so jealous cause he was sleeping and I wasn't and quite honestly I couldn't tell you what time I actually feel asleep. I'm surprised I'm even awake right now and thats only because I had to get DH up at 730 for him to go to work and I tried to go back to sleep but baby was so hungry and I've go to the doctor this afternoon for my 1hr glucose test whoo-hoo! Needless to say I'm not in the best moods this morning.

Re: Stupid RLS!!!

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    Can you not take your normal meds for RLS? My mom used to take Rx meds, and after they didn't work, her MD had her start taking something called Legatrin which is basically an OTC Tylenol/Benadryl hybrid and she has ZERO issues with her legs at night now and her case was pretty severe. Talk to your OB about it...since both are Class Bs during pregnancy.
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