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I know this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find it. Aside from breakfast what are your toddlers eating for lunch/dinner? I'm at a loss with DD right now, she is begining to be very picky on what she eats.
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Re: toddler food

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    They eat lunch 3 days a week at school. The other days I do simple things really. Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, turket and cheese, cheese toast, cheese noodles, leftovers with either a fruit or veggie.

    Dinner - they eat what we eat. I do and whatever I'm making they have to eat or they don't eat at all. There have been many a nights where Bailey hasn't eaten anything but that's his choice. He knows that I'm not making anything else. And I've learned that he'll eat if he's hungry. The last 4 days he's eaten out of house and home. I'm a little afraid he's about to have a big growth spurt.

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    Breakfast is scrambled egg, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, etc.  

    We will do things like a peanut butter sandwich, rolled up deli meat, fresh fruit, cheese, etc for lunch.  I rely on a lot of the frozen Steamfresh veggies and meals.  They make some that have pasta in them and are more of a complete meal.  If I just do the veggies I will also heat up some of meat filled ravioli from the frozen food section.  I get a lot of my frozen stuff from the organic section.  Love the Morningstar black bean cakes, for example. 

    For dinner she eats what we eat for the most part.  So, last night it was tacos, the night before it was bbq ribs & coleslaw. 

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    Bfast: eggo waffle, oatmeal pancakes, fruit, yogurt, cereal, sausage links ( she can bite them easy) Dinner/lunch: rice, broccoli, sometimes carrots, cheese, fish sticks with lemon, Panko anything, any type of sausage, veggie burger, and just about anything she can dip. Otherwise she eats what we do.
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    Mia is getting super picky, too.  She especially hates most meats now. These are what is currently working for lunch/dinner:

    pasta, peas, carrot chips, steamed rice, turkey meatballs, black beans, green beans, fried rice, any type of veggie soup (the only way I can sneak in broccoli or spinach at this point), corn, cheese, pizza, baked fries.

    I swear some days she'll have a plate of peas, corn, and string cheese and I just have to call it a day :/

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