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Best Kids gifts

To spin off Arctic's post ; and I think we did a worse kids gift post.

But now that the kids have been playing with some of their toys a while, what are some of the ones that they seem to love?

DD loves her M&D farm set.  It was a gift I was not planning on giving her, but then someone posted about Barnes and Nobles having 50% off and I had an old gift card to use there, so I bought it and wow, she plays with it so many times a day.

She also got a knock off version of magna doodle from my parents that she loves.

Re: Best Kids gifts

  • DD loves her Aquadoodle mat and this

    I totally didn't think she would go crazy for the 2nd thing, it was 50% off so I figured why not. My gosh she yells across the house "Mommmmyyyyy ball time!"  

  • We got Rosie a Tag system and some books which she really likes. It's nice because she will sit and quietly "read" them while I'm putting Thomas down for a nap or feeding him.

    She got a great game called Honeybee Tree that we all really like playing, although it takes a little while to set up.  And she got a great book called Press Here, it's really cool and interactive, but only through the illustrations. Here's a video about it:

    We read it at least once a day.

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  • Funny...A seems to love E's gifts and vice versa :)

    A likes the balls from his Dinosaur pop up toy and Evan's legos

    E likes A's FP Mailbox and his Melissa and Doug Easel... 

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  • Oh and E is loving the John Deere truck/trailer that ILs gave him which is the exact replica of the truck that FIL drives for work.
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  • P has a FP kitchen that she loves and she got a shape sorter for Christmas that she plays with a lot. She loves stuffed animals too.


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  • Claire loves her FP Loving Family Dollhouse the best.  And bonus for me because she is hysterical making the people talk.
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  • She loves her train table my Dad got her! She also really likes the Memory Game and a doctor set my friend got her. She likes the other stuff we got too (finger paints, watercolor paints, aquadoodle, potato head, etc) but the memory game and doctor set she sort of gravitates to whereas the other things sort of need to be pointed out to her for her to play with them
  • I swear you girls can read minds or something. I'll think of something I want to post and by the time I get on here to post it someone already has. I seriously was just coming on here to ask this.

    I'd say she and we (DH and I) have a few favorites.

    Jump Smart Trampoline given to her from DH's family. 

    Toddle Rock Rocking Chair and Ottoman from my parents, in lavendar faux suede fabric (purple is her favorite color) to match her new room. This thing is so well made and you can choose from so many fabrics. Quick ship time and only like $60... which is a great price I think for an upholstered rocking chair.It's super cute!!

    Then she got a bunch of the small appliances from One Step Ahead (toaster, hand mixer, blender, etc.) and a dyson vac and they all look SSSooo real! We also got her a little manual can opener set from there that really allows them to take the lids off the can! Very cool. I love that store!! We've gotten other things from them before and I've never been disappointed.

    She got a bunch of the Melissa and Doug food sets too. We love Melissa and Doug!


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