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DD's 9 month appointment...

In better news, DD's appointment went well.  The Dr was surprised how well she's able to stand and that she can drink from a sippy cup.  However, Mom did have a Mommy fail in that I didn't know she couldn't have eggs??  She's had waffles, pancakes and a little scrambled and she's been okay.  We've been giving her what ever we've been eating except for nuts (she had had some peanut butter) and honey.

She's still a peanut in the 10% tile, but a healthy peanut.  Weighs 16lbs 10oz and is 27" long (25%). 

Oh and I thought she was only cutting one top tooth right now...turns out she's cutting FOUR!!!

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Re: DD's 9 month appointment...

  • I don't think the eggs are a big deal, if she hasn't had any allergic reactions to them. The stuff from our pedi said they could have egg yolks at this age. They just advise holding off on the whites b/c there's supposed to be more potential for an allergic reaction. If her system's tolerating them, it's probably not a big deal.
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  • I think we started eggs after 9 mos?  Did your pedi want you to stop giving them now?

    GL with the teeth-I hate teeth.

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  • Meh, she obviously can have eggs if it hasn't been a problem. Actually the AAP is now discouraging holding off on high allergen foods in most cases. It isn't helpful and in some cases it has been shown to actually increase the risk of allergies. DD has had everything except honey.   Keep giving her eggs if she likes them!

    Glad she is doing well! 

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  • Sounds like a good appointment!!
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