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sleep apnea in lo?

I might have to take Jax in to an ENT to get him looked at for this.  Has anyone else dealt with this?  What happens?  

Jax snores.  no big deal, but lately i've noticed that it's so much and that he'll wake up with a start after sounding like he's not breathing for a second.  his sleep is very fitful, with occasional screaming and "No!"'s now and then.  but when I check on him he's not really awake...   

Re: sleep apnea in lo?

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    We're dealing with this and I just made an appt for Bryce to see his ENT on thursday (thankfully I got an appt b/c of a cancellation). Bryce has always been a mouth breath at night and during the day. And he does this gasp thing when he's really crying. Well the last few months, he has started waking up, crying for a second or two then goes back to sleep. In disney, I noticed he was gasping before he let out the cry. I took him to the pedi last week b/c he was sick and to ask about it. The pedi said Bryce's tonsils were huge and blocking his airway at times. The doctor actually heard the gasping sound as Bryce was screaming at him. He told me, I should take bryce to our ENT to get him checked. I can let you know what happens on thursday. The pedi said most likely they will want to take out Bryce's adenoids and tonsils. Just another year and another surgery by the ENT on one of my boys.
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    yes!  please let me know.

    the dr didn't say anything about his tonsils or anything but i was thinking adenoids too... 

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