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What are your fave Xmas gifts?

Now that it is the new year (and we just finished celebrating Christmas with different sets of friends/relatives as of yesterday), what are some of your favorite gifts?

 Someone got me one of those microwave neck wraps - OMG - I am in heaven.  I am always cold, so it was like it was made for me.  It is just corn and something else inside, and it is kind of ugly (red and blue plaid.. umm) but I have been snuggling with it at night before bed, and it is like the best thing I've ever gotten.  Filing that away as good future gift ideas for others too!  (Or you DIYer's.. you can make them..)

DH got me an awesome coat, it is a little longer than my others (like over my butt) so I'm actually warm, instead of freezing wind blowing into my shirt (especially like when I lift the kids in the carseat).

And my bluetooth/wireless speaker for my iPhone, love love love it..

Re: What are your fave Xmas gifts?

  • Love my pajamagram pajamas ever!  
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  • I really love everything.  Dh got me OPI nailpolish in Animal-tastic and How's it snowing?  I love these colors. I feel like i am in college again and loving everything sparkly. I also love the camera strap he bought me.  Not b/c of the gift but b/c it was the last thing I would have thought he would buy since it came from etsy.

    I LOVE the boots my mom bought me.  I feel really stylish wearing them and they are so comfortable.  

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  • The Nook Tablet. We are both finding ways to enjoy it and we didn't have to buy it. Everything else was so so but really more because we were going cheap.
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  • My new Starbucks coffee mug. My old one was really beat up, and the bottom piece was coming off all the time. This new one is a lot less bulky, and keeps my coffee just as piping hot as the old one!
  • We didn't really do gifts so much.  DH and I got a gun safe instead of exchanging.  So basically anything else was more exciting than that for me.  But my parents got me a membership to seabreeze which is what I told them I wanted.  I didn't really have anything I wanted and I would have bought that anyway.
  • My kindle. Love! I didn't even ask or hint for one, to anybody. But DH did good. I didn't think I would like it, but it's great.

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