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Ugh RLS?

I think I experienced my first bout with restless leg syndrome last night. I never had it before so I'm not sure if that's what it was but I just couldn't stop moving my legs and they felt...weird. I can't explain the sensation. I really hope this isn't the beginning of a trend...because even this mild occurrence totally disrupted my sleep.

Re: Ugh RLS?

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    It's like a tickly/heavy/have to shake it out feeling for me. I have it all the time tho, and not just when pregnant. Sometimes if DH rubs my calves it helps.
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    I get this badly when I'm staying up too late at night (over tired). The only thing that works for me is sleep.

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    Me too!  I had it before I got pregnant, but it is definately worse now.  It's worse when I'm watching tv or lying in bed... it's true, sleep helps.  Thank god I CAN fall asleep with that going on!
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