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Ok HLG...let's see some before pics!

I PROMISE I will post mine later but we are heading out soon. I've got a goodie that someone lovingly put on Facebook for me. It's a great shot of my 3 main fat collections: chin, gut, ass. So take some before shots today to serve as motivation for change!

Re: Ok HLG...let's see some before pics!

  •   Would you ever take biggest loser type of photos? not to post obviously. I thought about it and thought that might really inspire me.

    this is what i would like to look like again.


  • Alright, I'm tossing mine out there. This was when DS was a year old, but I pretty much held onto the weight for the next 1.5 years.


    The pic in my siggy is from October. It's an improvement, but still not where I'd like to be. 

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  • I think I'm going to have DH take one later. To be 100% honest I have been avoiding pics at all cost for the last few months.

    To be a total HLG AW: I just signed up for 10wks fitness classes through a community ed type program

    Monday night- total body bootcamp

    Wednesday night- Zumba

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  • I was hoping someone was going to start this!  Off to find a picture...
    O 10.08 & MJ 6.10
  • jewelsonu-cute pic! You've got great arms! I am jealous!

    Hmmm.. The last pic of me at my goal weight was 10 years ago in highschool!...I've been pregnant ever since! Our scanner is down and I don't have it on disc...hmmm another picture to find...


    Excuse me while I go smash my husbands Xbox...
  • Hold up - I don't wanna see "before I was chubby (or pregnant) pics" I wanna see pics of the current chub we are trying to lose!!! So months from now when we are all rocking bikinis...we can look back and see how far we have come :)

    Wendy - you're lookin good!! to grab my photo. Be right back!


  • So this was from Christmas and I left my nice black pants at home so I was wearing my frumpy jeans that are too big for me, yet my tighter pair gives me too much muffin top. I had no idea my hair looked THAT bad either. Fug. So I listed my 3 big problem areas, but let's face it - there are a ton more. But these stand out a LOT to me.

    My baby just turned 2 today - so really, two years?? It's time to get rid of some of this. I'm going to take measurements tonight...I'd like to know inches lost too. ESP the gut. It's insane!


  • AKKK I can't believe I'm doing this. I took biggest loser'ish pics... sports bra and work out pants. I'm making such a stupid face I'm totally cutting my head off. My love handles are eating all my pants so I'm hoping this will be like an intervention to me.


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  • Appearantly I have been avoiding full body pictures for the past 2 years since I cannot find one of me anywhere! If someone will tell me how to post a pic in a post I'll attempt to take one tomorrow & post it.
  • ok, grrrr, DH will not get off the laptop where all my pics are. Although the likelihood of me having not deleted any offending fatty pics of me is low, so so low. Now to find my camera...
    Excuse me while I go smash my husbands Xbox...
  • Here is me on Christmas Eve, I have also avoided full body shot.  I do love E's face on this after we were having a shredded paper party.

    Ok, I am having to tough time getting it to load...I will try again later..

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  • oh yeah...check out this hotness!!



    Taken on December 17th.  Gut, flabby arms, and lots of yuck!

  • I seriously have not had a picture taken in a very long time.  My DH and I joke that the kids will think they didn't have a mother for years.  I'm so bad that I was making E laugh and made DH film it but told him not to film me.  I looked up, after 5 minutes, and saw he had the camera on me and said, 'Thanks for ruining the video."  So I actually ruined it. 

    Anyway, I need to lose 25 pounds.  I'm on board starting today. 

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  • Well, I am late to the party...I wasn't gonna post any because fully clothed you can't really tell my problem areas and I didn't really feel like taking pics of my bare belly.  But Melanie, you were brave to take and post yours, so you inspired me. 

    Here goes....My stomach is my main problem area - yuck...I feel like the side shot could be a pregnancy pic.  My main goal is to tone up my stomach, particularly the lower tummy right above the CS scar, so if anyone has any tips for lower tummy toning I'd love to hear them!  



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