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The baby sleep book

We've been having difficulty with sleep lately and I'm considering getting Dr. Sears' "The Baby Sleep Book."  Does anyone have any recommendations on this book?  Is it worth getting or should I just do research online instead of buying the book?



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Re: The baby sleep book

  • check it out from a library before you buy it.

    1) It's pretty generic, it's more ABOUT sleep and he doesn't have any directional "do this" "do that" advice about sleep.  Basically he goes into issues children have with sleep, what is a reasonable expectation, etc.

    2) Have you tried the No Cry Sleep Solution?

    Basically I bought like 5 sleep books and read them all.  I actually reccomend Ferber even if you don't plan to follow his CIO (progressive waiting) method because he has a LOT of information about sleep mechanics that I found very helpful.  Don't bother with the Sleep Easy Solution (I accidentally bought this thinking it was the Sleeplady shuffle), she is a sleep tyrant.

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  • I checked out a ton of books from the library but only bought one - No Cry Sleep Solution.The nap version is good too but I haven't purchased it - yet! You can probably get any book used pretty cheap too. If you click on the link and find the green kindle box, look underneath. There are used options starting out under $2.
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