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Has anyone taken Femara?

I started on Femara 4 cycles ago for a fertility treatment. Since starting, I've had awful acid reflux. I have to sleep elevated, I wake up in the middle of the night with reflux - sometimes to the point of vomiting. It's really miserable. I read that a side effect of Femara can be indigestion, but I don't specifically see reflux. I plan on calling my doctor tomorrow, but was curious is anyone has had a similar experience. What can I do to help prevent reflux? 


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Re: Has anyone taken Femara?

  • I haven't taken Femara, but the one thing that helped my acid reflux was taking prevacid and making sure that I did not eat anything two hours before bed. Good luck, I hope you get some answers from the doctor.


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  • imageMrsLee04:
    I never had that side effect when taking it.  When do you take it?  I would think if you took it in the morning that would reduce the change for reflux at night.  Otherwise I would ask about switching to something different but similar, like clomid or tamoxifen.  Good luck!

    I do take it before bed, and i'm getting reflux even the weeks I don't take it. I take meds for my thyroid in the morning, but maybe I'll take the next round mid day. Or, I'll just hope for a BFP!  

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  • Good luck to you! I took Femara for a couple months and I don't recall having that side effect.  I agree with previous comments though about maybe taking it in the morning, I learned in pregnancy that anything before bed would up the chances of reflux.
  • I don't know Femara, but I do know reflux. Prevacid is fantabulous, and you can buy it OTC now. I'm not sure about taking it while TTC, but if your dr okays it, it's seriously the best drug ever.

    If not, take Zantac (Target generic is great). I took one before breakfast and one before dinner before I got back on Prevacid. It's safe to take while TTC and pg. Avoid foods that are spicy or acidic. No tomato sauce or orange juice, and don't eat and then lay down. Rich chocolate (like brownies) is no good, or alcohol. Basically anything yummy is out LOL. Bread, rice, etc. is good. If you google it, you can find heartburn friendly foods. I lived on chicken and rice casseroles while I was pg LOL.

    GL! Sorry you're dealing with it, reflux sucks! :( 

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  • I'm just a lurker, but I took Femara this cycle.  I never had heartburn while taking it, just some pretty vicious nausea.  However, with my first pregnancy, I had heartburn from 7dpo to about 13 weeks.  I took Zantac (target generic) everyday when it started to come on (at about 3pm everyday).  My doctors told me it was safe (it's the only category B acid reflux drug except Tums) for pregnancy and I practically lived on it.  It's great, I would definitely recommend using it.  Good luck!

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  • I did take Femara, but I didn't have that side effect. I hope the doctor has a good recommendation for you! That sounds miserable.
  • I haven't taken Femara yet, but took Clomid the first time around. Just reading through the posts though, I'd be inclined to say that the reflux/heartburn may not be from the Femara since you have it the rest of the month (when you're not on it). The half-life of Femara is only 2 days (basically it's out of your body within 2 days). Hope that helps.
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