Is Disney World super crowded Christmas Eve/Day?

We're planning on going back next year but DD will be in school by then so will need to minimize school absences as much as possible... Wouldn't even CONSIDER spring or fall breaks! Does anyone know how busy the parks are during the actual holidays? We could arrive around December 20th & depart on the 26th or 27th... Your thoughts?

Re: Is Disney World super crowded Christmas Eve/Day?

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    I hear its pretty busy and the reason for that is everyone has the same Christmas whereas most schools (at least around here) don't have fall break and also Spring Break is different for all school districts.  I have heard that the last few days leading up to 12/31 have reach maxed capacity and closed the parks.

    The dis boards are awesome.  I thought there was a longer holiday post but I can't find it.  Here is a Christmas 2012 post:

    And one on Preschool:

    I love Dinseyworld and its an awesome trip even if crowded.  We went in August and it wasn't too bad (with the exception of the heat).  Going again Spring 2012--can't wait.   The pictures I have seen at Christmas time are just beautiful.  I asked my BFF who went at Thanksgiving and she said it was really busy then. They didn't get a chance to ride Toy Story as the fast pass (she got first thing in the am) was for late that night or the next day.  She waited 45 mins just for the fast pass. 

    Good luck!   

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    I remember hearing that Christmas Day is the busiest day of the year there.  And the week between Christmas Day and New Years Day is the busiest week.  I'm guessing that's true since when we belonged to their vacation club, that week was the most points out of the year.
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    Someone I know who lives in LA & goes there pretty regularly told me that the slowest day there they've ever seen is Superbowl Sunday :)
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    They closed the parks twice this week because they hit capacity. Since spring break, as opposed to Easter or Presidents Day, is somewhat different across the country it's a safer bet.

    I heard this too.  It was actually on the national news.  The parks were so crowded that there wasn't any more room in the parking lots, people were waiting hours for one ride and they had to stop ticket sales.  It wasn't just Diseny either but also Universal amd Sea World had to close as well.

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    It's pretty insane actually. They usually close the park around 12:30 because the crowds are pretty intense.  Same thing with NYE and New Year's Day.  
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