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Zithromax side effects?

Hi ladies! Has anyone experienced giving their LO Zithromax before they turned a year old? My sister-in-law was just diagnosed with whooping cough and, even though my LO has no symptoms, he was exposed to her on Christmas Day when she had just begun getting sick but was not yet on antibiotics.

My pedi has called in a 5-day script for Zithromax as a preventive measure for my LO (he wants to err on the safe side, which I'm totally okay with). My LO has never had an antibiotic before so I was not sure what side effects to expect and I did not think to ask my pedi when he called me back today.

Is there anything big I should expect regarding side effects or potential signs of an adverse reaction? TIA and Happy New Year to all of you and your families!!

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Re: Zithromax side effects?

  • LO took Zithromax after he was first given Amoxicillin for an ear infection and had an allergic reaction to it. ( broke out in hives all over his body) We had no issues with Zithromax at all. Ofcourse every baby is different but with our allergic reaction with amoxicillin came on day 3 and started with just one big welt on his butt which I thought was diaper rash, except when I went to go change his diaper later it was gone and more spots appeared in different places and they were huge. 

    When I talked to the on call doc they said to watch him closely for difficulty breathing and if they seemed to be itchy.

    Hope your LO is OK. GL with the Zithromax.

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