Bulging disk pain meds help - I am going crazy

Hey ladies,

I have 2 bulging disks and sciatica for 7 months now, my baby is 8 months. I am in care of a GP, spine specialist, pain clinic (for shots). I also do acupuncture and physical therapy. I have gotten so far one ESI (cortisone) but it did not take. I take a low dose of morphine at night to sleep, advil, high done ibuprofen, tyreonol. I am suppossed to take Tramadol, but I still want to talk to the breastfeeding hotline and my pedi since its L3.

I have studied Kellymom, asked 3 lactation consultants, breastfeeding hotlines. But I guess I dont ask the right questions. I cannot sleep (the morphine knocks me out but sometimes after 45 min I am awake again) and the nights have been torture for 2 months now. Its unbearable. I am falling into pieces. I have 2 kids to take care of!

Did you have any good experience with any pain meds? Any other ideas? Sleeping pills? Benadryl? Weaning?

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Re: Bulging disk pain meds help - I am going crazy

  • I'm so sorry you are having so much pain. When my son was 4 months old I injured my back and now have a bulging disc in lower back. If you have an iPhone, you can download the LactMed app for free and it is very in-depth as far the effects meds have on breastfeeding. Much, much better than Kellymom. I found that my bed and couch were really aggravating my back pain. We ended up getting a memory foam mattress (Costco brand) and it has made a huge difference. I was put on prednisone (oral) and it really seems to calm things down. Additionally, my son learning to walk seems to have lessened how much I have to lean over to pick him up. In the beginning, I was seeing a chiro and doing spinal decompression which helped some. A dr recommended a yoga DVD to strengthen my core, but it actually made my back much worse! I hope you find some good relief soon!
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