Repost- Any One Boob Nursers?

It looks like I may end up being one. My right breast has tanked and I have done everything to try and get it back up but LO just does not want it anymore. The left side is nice and full and produces wonderfully with a great letdown speed ( both used to be too strong and now the right side is like molasses). I didn't think it was possible until reading the below blog.

I had OVER supply for the first two months and I got that worked out but then at 4 months I had a cold, LO started sleeping through the night and got AF back- both boobs tanked but with herbs, tea and lots of water, I got my milk back but the right is just lagging. i've been super lopsided for a month now which is annoying but I can get over it if it means that I can continue to nurse LO.

Anyone else?

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Re: Repost- Any One Boob Nursers?

  • I produce WAY more on one side than the other.  I definitely have enough on my good side to just nurse on that side, but I still offer the other side a few times a day just because I didn't want to let it dry up completely.  My boobs are really lopsided, too.  I've had no problem with supply on my good side--it's definitely doable. GL!
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  • I am not, but had a friend who did it for many months successfully. She definitely got pretty lopsided when it was time to nurse or pump, but we get 4ozs out if that side. Good luck!
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  • I am starting to have the same problem with my righty so I may have to do the same. When I start on the left I don't have to have him finish on the right but it seems nowadays if I start him on the right, we need to finish up on the left. I am starting fenugreek back up to see if it helps.
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  • Yes.  I have successfully nursed two with just one breast.
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