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First night with the crib

DD is starting to outgrow the RnP so we're trying to transition to the crib tonight. She goes in there to hang out but has never slept more than 10 minutes in the crib so something tells me this is going to be a loooong night. At least we moved it into the bedroom so I can take cat naps between crying bouts and H can suffer my pain (when we tried in the nursery I was up every 45 minutes and he woke up the next day and went "oh, she slept through the night!" she didn't"

Any advice/tips/commiserating?

 Oh, and random add on...I was reading today that it is much harder for a baby to roll from their back onto their belly than their belly to back. Not so much for DD. She gets stuck on her belly all the time now.

Re: First night with the crib

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    Oh to be a man!  Must be nice! 

    Good luck with the transition.  Our son does the opposite.  Rolls from tummy to back.  Don't see him rolling the other way for awhile.  He doesn't even try.

    Hang in there and don't give up.  If you're persistent, it will work. You can do it!

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    I sincerely hope you have better luck than we did. I tried to move DD to the crib a couple weeks ago & it was a disaster. She hasn't slept the same since, but that might have more to do w/ the holidays disrupting her schedule and me going back to work.

    But, yeah, I was up with her for the 20th time (it seemed) and heard H snoring in the bedroom. I woke him up. & made him come help me. 

    She also just started rolling from belly to back consistently in the past 24 hours.

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    We tried the crib once this week and failed. Going to try again this next week, so I totally understand. GL!

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    Well that was an epic fail! First time she touched the mattress and started screaming, second time she slept 1 hour (progress!) then woke up panicked, third time fireworks woke her up and scared the crap out of her. I finally put her in the RnP at 12:45. This morning (7am) she did lay quietly in the crib for a goof 45 minutes though so I'll consider that a minor victory.
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    We successfully transitioned from the RNP to the crib by putting her in the RNP first for an hour then moving her over to the crib. Took a few nights but we are crib only now!
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