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Trouble TTC

TTA sucks.

I just want to whine to people who might understand. Sorry in advance if this is annoying.

I'm still TTA from my ectopic (doctor said to wait 6-8 weeks before trying again - which I will totally 100% follow) and seeing everyone getting to cycle, getting BFPs, etc is just getting to me. I was fine for the first month but now that it is getting to be January, I'm dying to try again. :( Originally, my husband and I discussed waiting until March to try again - but I don't think we'll make it much past the recommended 8 weeks.

I don't even have my first post D&C period anyway, so it's not like I could try if I wanted to or was cleared to - but I'm just antsy now. I think having to start over once again & the due dates pushing into September 2012 is getting to me, by the time I can get back on Clomid, I'll be looking at a November/December due date.. maybe even 2013.

Here is a sprinkle sandwich cookie if you made it through my whine.. Happy New Year!



Re: TTA sucks.

  • I can't imagine how hard that is.  Our eight month treatment break for financials has been tough, but I at least had TI in the back of my mind for a "miracle". (Of course we're on the last cycle of the chance for a miracle so I know the chances are really really slim, but still.

    I'm so sorry for your loss, and on top of that having to wait. 

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  • Aw Shay, I can only imagine how much TTA sucks when all you want to be doing is the exact opposite. If it were me I would take this time to spoil myself a little: mani/pedi, mini shopping spree, or a nice date night with DH. Anything to make yourself feel a little better during this rough time.
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  • Awww, Shay. I can't imagine how hard this must be. I have to agree with you though - seeing all these cycle buddies and BFPs has me really anxious, too! Since my tubes are blocked, I know I can't get pregnant until I have I won't even be able to TTC again until at least April probably.

    I really wanted a 2012 baby, but I'll settle for getting pregnant in 2012! Here's to hoping we both get our BFPs this year!

    Lots of love and hugs! Hang in there girl, you are so close to being able to try again! :)


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  • I understand... we had to TTA the month before starting our IVF cycle and it sucked!  I hope the weeks fly by!  Try to think of you have a whole year to get KU and don't worry so much about actually getting an outisde baby in 2012... HTH!
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  • The 9-10 months off I had to take for lupron was brutal so I sorta get where you are coming from. Sorry you have to deal with this hun. ((Hugs))
  • We had to TTA after our m/c, too, and it was hard.  I am sorry that you're struggling right now, and I hope that 2012 will bring you that BFP and fast! :)
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  • Sorry hun :( TTA def does suck. I hope the rest of your 8 weeks flashes by and you can start again. But for now, heal. You will get this. 
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  • (((hugs)))

    I'm so sorry for your loss, and the fact that you have to TTA.

    I don't have experience with TTA, but I know how hard it is to be on a treatment break.  We weren't "good enough" for any treatment except IVF, and we waited a while before starting.  It's really hard to feel like you're just treading water waiting for life to happen, instead of at least pursuing what you want.  I hope the next couple of months fly by!

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  • I know exactly how you feel! My RE made me wait 3 months before starting treatment again after my miscarriage in September. When I went in for my baseline on my 3rd month my labs were wacky and I had to wait yet again. It feels like taking one step forward and 3 steps back. Sending huge hugs to you!!
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  • I'm sorry Shay. TTA really does suck. I am 5 months deep on a year long forced break. It is no fun at all. I'm happy for others, but its hard not to feel left behind.
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  • I completely understand hon.  TTA stinks!  We're cleared to start next cycle but I've been bleeding for 13 of the last 16 days... even on BCPs... I have a feeling once I tell my RE this he'll push us back again.  

    ::HUGS::  and YHPM Smile 

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  • I completely understand.  After my m/c we actually were told that we could try as soon as my body/beta was back to normal.  It took 2 full months for all my levels to come back to normal, it was hell.  I am so sorry you have to wait.  The waiting is the worst.  I have to admit that I didn't bump as much when I was waiting because I felt the exact same way as you do now.  (((HUGS)))
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  • TTA absolutely sucks, and I'm sorry you have to wait.  
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  • I can somewhat understand.  We had a 4 month break and it is so rough.  But just hang in there, Shay!  It is so close ((hugs))

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  • I'm so sorry Shay. <3
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  • Thanks all <3 just getting it out and having my feelings validated make me feel a bit better. DH is on board with trying again after the 8 week mark and talked about his frustrations with the waiting too, so it's 'nice' to not be alone.
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