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Wow! Baby clothes overload.

I know we had bought a few things and we had received things as gifts, but I really had no idea how many baby clothes we really had!  I left most things in boxes and gift bags until I was ready to start washing and putting everything away.  I have a giant bag and a full-size hamper overflowing with clothes and blankets and towels.  My goodness, this baby has a lot of stuff!  

I am officially washing my very first load of baby clothes!  Now, I'll just have to inventory a little bit by age as I put things away and figure out where we need to fill in (a lot of people got us 6 mo or older - which will be great when we get there, but I think we might need a few more items in the 0-6 month range).  Yeah, shopping!!!

And yes, this is how I am spending my New Year's Eve!  Wink  DH and I are going to snuggle up with a movie a little later.  A nice, low-key and relaxed night.  So glad we decided to just stay in and spend it together.

Happy New Year!!!! 

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Re: Wow! Baby clothes overload.

  • I know how you feel! My mom and I are hoping we DON'T get any more newborn clothing at my 2nd shower thrown by her (my IL overloaded us! Although I am thankful!) But I will be surprised if our LO gets to wear any of her newborn clothes twice! I made closet dividers out of foam sheets from my craft closet - and we are set until she's about 9 months...then she's naked!
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  • I know how you feel too!  I am finally getting around to sorting through the shower gifts and putting stuff away.  I've filled LO's hamper and a big Rubbermaid storage tub already!  Now I just need to sort through and see what sizes we have.

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  • The same thing happened to me...I pulled out all the clothes we got for him and realized that we have way too many newborn onesies and jumpers that I hope fit him!!

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