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Bleeding after sex?

DH and I had sex this afternoon (a rare event, these days), and after the was quite a bit of bright red blood. I know some blood is normal, but ... How much? There was just a lot more than I would have expected. I'm not cramping or anything, though I do have a headache.

I called my doctor's on-call number and am waiting for a call back, but I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with this?

ETA: Nurse called back. Basically if the bleeding picks up, lasts until tomorrow, or if I don't feel LO move 5times in and hour or 10times in 2 hours, I'll go into L&D. So now, I wait.
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Re: Bleeding after sex?

  • Glad you got your answer! Hopefully it was just a fluke!
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  • Keep us posted! Hoping LO has a dance party and everything returns to normal.
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  • Ummm this happened to me last week and while I was fine, it scared DH really bad and he said he's not giving it up until after she's born now :(
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