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Do you steam or boil?

When making apples and carrots and so forth, how do you prepare the veggies and fruits for your LO?  Do you find one way is better than others?  We've officially gone off all purees suddenly (her choice), and now I'm trying to decide which way is best and is still good and tender for her.  TIA
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Re: Do you steam or boil?

  • I roast just about everything. I just use a little olive oil and roast things at 400 degrees F.

    DD loves roasted apples. And if you set a timer, you don't have to sit at the stove making sure things dont boil over or over cook. there are typically websites that will tell you how long to roast things. :) 

  • steam or roast. 


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  • I boil unless it's a steam in the bag fruit or veggie.
    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • Boil, but she also eats some things raw, like fresh fruits.
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  • Steam mostly. I have an electirc countertop steamer so I can do veggies, fruit or even chicken all at once. I can make dinner for all of us at once!  It's super easy and I love that steaming helps retain more nutrients than other methods. I do however buy the steam fresh bags of veggies and pop those in the microwave on occasion too though:)
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