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Been in the hospital since Wed.

What a way to spend New Years Eve. I had thyroid surgery on Wed. The surgery removed my entire thyroid and went exactly as planned. I came out of surgery well and had no pain at all. I was to stay over one night to watch my calcium levels. During a total thyroidectomy, the parathyroids are taken off of the thyroid glands while it is removed and then placed back in the neck. Most people have no trouble at all and are sent home that night or the next day. I unfortunaetly am not in that group :( I had low calcium levels the day after surgery so I was given a bolus and watched for a few hours and then sent home. I was told to take 3 extra strenght tums 3 times a day and a vitamin D/ calcium tablet once a day. On Friday morning, I started to have numbness and tingling in my hands and feet and face and since I had already taken my 3 tums I had my husband call the Dr. She told us to take 3 more right away and head to the ER. By the time we got here, my hand were cramped, my face was hardening on my cheeks, and my legs were numb to my knees and it is only a 10 min drive :(

So, since yesterday morning I have been on an IV drip of calcium, upped my tums to 4 three times a day and now 2 calcium tabs a day.

I may not even be able to go home tomorrow. I have not seen the kids since Tuesday and I am missing them terribly. I know the best place for me is the hospital but this really stinks.

My husband is here with me tonight and we are hanging out.  But I am missing my bed. I have no pain at all but am wishing I did so the pain meds would help me relax and sleep :) I should be grateful for an easy surgery but I am frustrated at this calcium thing.

Thanks for letting me vent,


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Re: Been in the hospital since Wed.

  • Feel better soon!   
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  • Oh my!!  You poor thing.  That sounds like a miserable way to bring in the New Year.  I hope you are back home very soon!
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  • Sorry you're still there. (((hugs))) Hope you're home soon.

  • I just saw your reply - we are at the one on the lake, not the one you deliver babies at....are we at the same one? 


    P.S. - I hope you're feeling better soon!  

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  • she's at the baby one. (sorry to butt in!)

    to both you chicks: you know I'm literally down the street, so don't hesitate if you need something!

    hope you're all home soon!

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  • Sara, Thanks for butting in haha

    Brian and I are playing cards, the kids are with my inlaws.

    I am hoping Ella is feeling better soon. What is the latest?

    Wish we were in the same place we could visit :)


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  • You poor thing!! That sounds just awful!! I hope you get to go home soon to those beautiful children.


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  • Whoa! I hope you feel better soon!


    What are they giving you as TSH replacement?  I know *little* about this. 

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  • Lisa, 

    They have me on 100mcg of synthroid, but I think it is the generic. I am going to find out of BCBS covers synthroid name brand because I have heard from 2 people that have had the surgery that the margin of error with the generic is high. Do you know anything about that? I am losing hair in clumps already so they jsut drew my thyroid with my calcium levels, we should have a report in about an hour.

    Thanks for your insight!


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  • Either way with the generic or the name brand be super careful and vigilant about your bone density. Synthoid can negatively affect you bone density.


    Why did they take your thyroid? 

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  • Well, long story short, I have been going from hypo to hyper for over 12 years. When I was pregnant with Grace 5 years ago I was extremely hyper and then had a thyroid storm that put me into premature labor at 34 weeks. I ended up in icu and they discovered a nodule. They have been watching the nodule and in aug of 2010 i had a biopsy and it came back with some suspicious cells. So then when I got pregnant with Owen last Feb. my levels went even more hyperactive. I was taking more of my PTU than ever and the endocrinologist felt the best cure for my Graves disease, hyperactive thryroid and the nodule was to remove the entire gland.

    Easiest surgery I have ever had! I feel great actually!

    I will have to be on the calcium supplements for a while but do you reccomend extra calcium even after these levels normalize for the bone density? 



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  • Did they think the nodule was cancerous? 


    Strange thing about us women- we build bone until we're late 20 early 30's after that- it's all maintenance. Just make sure you are your own advocate about it- scans and annual DPD (an immunodiagnotic bone density tests). 


    Have they thought about using Thyrogen for you- if it was cancerous (as long as it had been well-differentiated?)

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  • Pathology came back clear so that is great! And it also did not show any evidence of the parathyroids being in there so that means they are back in my neck, now they just need to be unstunned :)

    Thanks for your help!


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  • Get well soon!

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  • Heather, I am so sorry! that sounds miserable. I hope they can get it squared away soon so you can go home. : (
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  • Yuck girl! I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this :( Hopefully you get to go home soon, I can't imagine how hard it is to be away from the kids so long.
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  • H - omg! I hope you feel better soon!!


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