Ameda Pump & Supplies?

I received the Ameda Purely Yours pump as a gift.  Are there any extra supplies I should get to have avaiablle, i.e. extra membranes?  How interchangeable are the extra supplies?  I'm guessing I can you any type of bag, etc?  I don't plan to buy supplies until my LO gets here just in case I'm not able to bf, but I thought it'd be good to make a list and become more educated about what you need and what is nice to have.
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Re: Ameda Pump & Supplies?

  • I would have an extra set of the little white membrames...they tear VERY easily.  I would go on ebay to buy them, so much cheaper than $8 in the store for one set!  The diaphragms are pretty durable, but doesn't hurt to have an extra set since they can be easily lost.  Also, a hands free bra will be a big help.  The Ameda pump is amazing, what an awesome gift to get!  
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  • I Agree, great gift!

    I bought some extra bottles to pump into, but I got generic brand b/c the Ameda ones are expensive.  I also have lots of valves (the white things).  I have 3 sets of flanges.  I pump at work - 5x per day during the week - as well as 2x per day on weekends. 

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