Birth control reduce milk supply?

I've been getting major migraines (most likely due to hormone levels) and my doc approved me to go back on birth control as soon as I want. I have it on hand, ready to go, but I want to make sure it's not going to funk with my already not super large supply. Any truth to my worry?
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Re: Birth control reduce milk supply?

  • Unfortunately, I have heard of bc affecting milk supply.  I don't think it happens to everyone, but there is that possiblity.

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  • It can.  I cannot nurse while PG because of hormones, but others can.  It is hard to know. 
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  • imageAmyG*:

    mini pill- progesterone only may influence supply, but for most women it does not.

    combo pills often influence supply due to estrogen in the pills.


    This.  I'm one of the ones whose supply is affected by the mini pill.

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  • I am currently taking the mini pill it DID reduce my milk supply slightly for about a week, and then my supply returned and has been fine ever since.
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