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Hi Everyone!

So now that we're almost half way through I'm freaking out about daycare. This is our first so we don't have a clue as to cost or what centers are good. We can't afford for one of us to stay home and can't afford a ton of money for daycare so we're wondering if any of you out there can give us an idea of what kind of cost we'll be looking at and what centers you love or hate. We live in Clarence, I work in Cheektowaga and hubby is self employed so he's all over the place. Thanks so much for the info!  

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  • Our daycare is in Cheektowaga.  It's a religious org that runs a huge daycare center and an adult daycare center and it's fairly cheap for daycare centers.  I think we paid 225. a week (we have two kids there now so I don't know what we pay for each currently).  A couple others we looked at that were slightly closer to our house were more expensive but they didn't have availability when we were going to put our oldest daughter in.
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  • Thanks for the info! What's the name of the center so I can check them out. 
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  • My son goes to a center in Kenmore, and it's $44/day or $205/week (he typically only goes 3-4 days/week) but that is the price for toddlers... I know it's more for newborns/infants. I like it because my schedule varies, so I either have 1 or 2 weekdays off (but never the same days each week)... this was the only center I found that was so flexible. Or if my mom has a day off she will take him and I don't have to pay.

    In home daycare is typically cheaper... and probably what I would have done if he was a infant. But he didn't start until he was almost 2.5 since I was a SAHM. Now that he's older I like that he's in a center because it's structured more like a preschool class. 

  • we took our kids to an in home daycare.  She charged $165/week.  I hardly ever paid that.  She was super flexible with my schedule and only charged me when they were there and she had a 1/2 day rate.  Unfortunately we had to pull them out of daycare b/c my husband lost his job.  I really don't know what we are going to do when he does find a new job.  I just can't imagine paying $400/week.
  • We go to Kids World on Dodge Road in Amherst.  My schedule is weird and they let us pay per diem which is really helpful.
  • Lord of Life in Cheektowaga.  And now that I think about it we may have paid a little less for 1 child.
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  • Hi

    Of the ones I've looked at the most expensive is$280/week and that's Westminster (NAEYC) in Buffalo. It comes highly recommended via all my co-workers and super close to my work. 

    Brierwood which has multiple locations is about $250/wk.

    EduKids (NAEYC) is $250/wk, full time 5 days a week only.

    Butterfly Kisses is $215/week, we're looking at this one because. my husband's cousin works there,

    Minus Westminster these are all in Williamsville/Clarence area.

    When are you due? I'm due 4/30 and I"m still OK for wait list (minus Westminster I'm kinda scared about that one). 


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