steam cleaning parts-how often?

i was given a bunch of the medela steam cleaning bags... how often do you need to steam clean the parts? i have 3 sets of parts, so each set gets used 3x/day and all get washed in hot soapy water 1x/day. all are rinsed after each use, so they sit to dry while the others are being used.
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Re: steam cleaning parts-how often?

  • I have 3 sets too but I use 1 set each day.  I just rinse everything in tap water after I pump and store them at room temp (I place them on a paper towel and set them on top of everything in my pump bag).  Before the next session, I towel-dry the part where the rubber cup thing goes in (I have an Ameda).  I sterilize at the end of the day.
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