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Natural Birth

Natural birth after bedrest?

Has anyone had a natural birth after a prolonged bedrest? I was put on modified bedrest at 25 weeks (a week ago) and would really like to have a natural childbirth. I had been doing some of the Bradley exercises but I don't think I am allowed to do any of those now and am worried how I will be able to handle labor physically after not moving around much for 12+ weeks (hopefully!). I don't think I am even allowed to do kegels and am feeling really discouraged

Re: Natural birth after bedrest?

  • Ask your Dr if you can still take the classes before giving up. Bed rest is important, but the Dr may allow you to go to classes and just stay off your feet.

    Yes, people have gone natural without classes, on bed rest. it is possible. Just read up and get your Partner to support you.

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  • I'm pretty sure the classes will be a no go. My only allowed outing is my weekly dr's appointment. I am supposed to spend most of my time horizontally so sitting in class wouldn't work (and I can't do any of the physical exercises).
  • A friend of mine was on full bed rest the last month of her pregnancy (every time she got up her BP would rise) and gave birth naturally at home.  She said it was overall an easy labor and delivery.


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  • The exercises don't require you to get up. Most of them are mental relaxation techniques. Also, you can be in the best physical shape of your life and not be physically prepared for labor. There are different muscles being used. So just practice relaxing and I'd say you'll be in good shape! I'd ask your doc though about the kegels and see if you can do those. I can't imagine that strengthening your pelvic muscles would be detrimental, but I'm no doc.

    Good luck.

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