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Outrunthemoon, my fabulous Elf!

Thank you so much for the onesies!  They're perfect!  I've been eyeing them for awhile on the OU website and was on the verge of ordering them.  They'll be referred to from now on as the 'lucky onesies' as I took them over to my parents' house to show them while we watched Oklahoma play last night and OU won.  Big Smile  I love them!  Thank you again!!



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Re: Outrunthemoon, my fabulous Elf!

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    So thoughtful!  Your elf did a great job!
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    I'm so glad you like them!


    This is going to be a struggle for my DF and I dressing our little girl. He loves the Yankees, I love the Red Sox. At least for football & basketball we can both agree! :) 

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