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Holy Family Hospital Methuen MA

Hello all,

 I am looking for an OB/GYN office, but want to make sure the office I find delivers at a convenient hospital. I live in Boston, work in Andover MA, and am thinking of moving to southern NH before I deliver. I found the Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, and offices in Andover and North Andover that deliver at that hospital.

Has anyone had any experience with the hospital or birthing center? I would love any input you have. Thanks!

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Re: Holy Family Hospital Methuen MA

  • Hi.  I'm going to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Nashua for OBGYN.  I have really liked my experience there so far.  I feel really confortable going there and they are really helpful with questions because we are first time parents.  They have lots of doctors there and you can stick with just one, but for flexibility I've been seeing lots of different doctors and I like getting to know them.  I'll be delievering at Southern New Hampshire Medical Hostpital in Nashua.

    Good luck with your search.


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  • My cousin delivered there and I didn't hear any bad stories about it afterward. That's all I know of it though.
  • Thanks for your input ladies!
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  • Would never ever go to Holy Family.  But that being said...from my understanding, the maternity ward is the one redeaming thing about the hospital.  I am going to be delivering at Lawrence General.  They are connected with Tufts now, which I really like.  I have to go in every weekend for NST and have loved every nurse so far on delivery floor that does my tests. My only complaint so far is the admissions process that I have to go through every week.

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    No experience with the birthing center, but my dad has been an EMT in the area for about 20 years. As kids, and even now, he swears he'd have us go anywhere but Holy Family. Parkland Hospital in Derry gets a lot of slack, and he's said that he prefers them over Holy Family. 

    I live in Salem, work in Andover, and go to Bedford Commons OB/GYN in Bedford, NH. They deliver at Elliot in Manchester. Definitely not the most convenient, but I absolutely love the level of care I receive. 


    I know this is a very late response, but I had to comment. I have decided on Bedford commons as well. We just put in an offer on a house in Derry, and they have a satellite location there. Working in Andover MA, it isn't too bad of a drive. And I agree, I have been very happy with the care so far. Thanks for the input!

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