What happens if nothing works to help = constipation?

Ella has had SO much medicine the last 5 days, seriously it is sickening. (All Dr monitored) Enemas, suppositories, cleanses, etc. NOTHING is working (granted she is holding it in) but what will they do? She has to go - we just can't get it out. I just made her an appointment at the Dr for 2pm - I'm at such a loss. Anyone go through something similar? 
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Re: What happens if nothing works to help = constipation?

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    Cam is constipated quite often. 

    When she does poop, they are HUGE and they hurt her.  And I'm not sure if you tried this or not but honestly, the thing that gets her to go is me hugging her while she's on the toilet.  LOL  I kneel on the floor and squeeze her.  And when she pushes, she squeezes me back.  It takes time.  She will push and then squeeze it back in.  Then push and squeeze it back in.  This goes on for a while but evenutally (after like 20 minutes) she gets it out.  All while hugging me.  :)

    I'm guessing she would have to have a procedure done (what, I don't know) if she doesn't get it out.  I hope the doc has some answers for you!  I was a constipated child - it's not fun!  :(  And honestly, I think part of my issue was the use of suppositories.  I understand that I was constipated to begin with - - which is what led my mom to use them -- but then it was like my body forgot how toshit on its own and I became dependent on the suppositories to go.  Which then led to further constipation.  I could be off my rocker, and there could be nothing to that, but I think there was SOMETHING that was causing the constipation initially and the suppository was simply a band-aid, not a fix.  :(

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    DS has always been a constipated kid.  He was on miralax (but only 1 tsp) daily for a while.  He started K this year and said he was still pooping at school.  He's not retentive..he will poop anywhere available.

     One Friday in November, the school called and said he was lying on the playground.  He was sent to the nurse and seemed ok.  Went to lunch.  Ate. Then was lying on his desk.  His stomach hurt.  I kept waiting for fever, diarrhea, or vomiting (flu going around), but it never came.  Long story short, after two ER visits, he was admitted to the hospital.  The dr felt his abd and said he could feel the poo in there.  :(  DS had enemas every 6 hrs.  Miralax every 4 hrs.  Benefiber every 4 hrs.  Continuous IV fluids, two milk of molasses enemas, and ducolax.  He was admitted on a Sunday night and we finally left Wednesday morning. 

    We now give him 1 1/2 cap fulls of miralax daily and he is doing good.  I hope she feels better soon.

    Wendy Twins 1/27/06. DS and DD
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    Often times for cases like this they put them in the hospital and do a clean out.  Once they are cleaned out they use doses of meds to keep their bms at a consistency that they cannot withhold.  My dd was the queen on withholding and it caused a lot of problems- physical and emotional.  Our success came from a team approach with GI and a child psychologist to deal with why she was withholding.  We still used some medication, but did a lot with diet and behavioral approaches.   It was eye opening when my dd had an eval done and one of her dx was "overuse of laxatives".  That was from the GI and pedi just pushing meds.  

    My dd got to the point where she lost sensation (from always feeling the need to go, and from being so stretched out with massive amounts of poop in her) and we had to totally retrain her bowels.  It takes time for your body to heal after all of the withholding.  

    Does you dd have any allergies or sensitivities?  As a baby my dd was on soy, but then transitioned onto milk without a problem.  It wasn't until she was 2 that the constipation started.  Starting at age 4.5, the constipation switched to diarrhea.  The diarrhea is what sent us for testing and it turns out she is severely lactose intolerant (can cause dia or constipation).  Started a dairy free diet, and still no luck and now she is dairy and gluten free and no more constipation or diarrhea.   So the food intol didn't cause the withholding, but certainly didn't help things either.  

    Let me know if you have any questions. Oh and it gets better, my dd is fine now- it was a long road, but she made it! 

    Kirsten DD 4-7-06
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    Matthew had an ng tube down his nose and had a medical clean out.  He went from September until now with going daily.  We did all the clean-outs, etc that they told us to do and nothing was working.
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