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Swaddling and rolling over..

So our little guy has been sleeping through the night for months. He is in bed by 9pm and sleeps til about 830am (I know, amazing!). The key to this for us is swaddling. Ever since we started swaddling (and white noise) he has slept this well.

Well, as he gets older we have noticed he is rolling back and forth to each side quite a bit, especially when he sleeps. He will only do it for a minute or so, and then go back to being still.  Well, last night at 5am he woke me up crying because he was on his tummy in the swaddle.

Is swaddling him now unsafe? I have his 6 month appt next week so I'm going to talk to the dr but didn't know if anyone else was going through the same thing. Since he moves around a bit when he sleeps I feel like if we don't swaddle him he will not sleep through the night, and like I said, he didn't until we started the swaddle. Would just swaddling his arms and not his legs make a difference? TIA!

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Re: Swaddling and rolling over..

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    ahh!  we are doing the exact same thing right now.  DD only sleeps swaddled and loves sleeping on her side and really wants to sleep on her belly.  Sometimes in the middle of the night i take an arm out if the swaddle so she can roll herself back over when she does end up on her belly.  i tried just swaddling her legs and it was a nightmare she constantly swats at her face because she is teething!  i was up all night with her.  our pedi said it was fine at 5 months still but we should try to wean her at 6.   

    i would love to hear some feedback, too!   

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    I was just reading about this last night, as well as how to wean LO from the swaddle. This was on the Swaddle Designs website:

    Parents often ask when to stop swaddling and how to wean from swaddling? We recommend swaddling for the first 3 months. To help baby transition from swaddling, swaddle baby with one arm out of the swaddle for a few nights. When baby has adjusted to this change, try swaddling with both arms out. A baby who is able to roll over should not have their arms inside a swaddle and should be placed in pajamas or a wearable blanket such as our zzZipMe Sack?.

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    Our pediatrician said we did not need to stop swaddling yet if it is working for us.  Our DD is 4 months and rolling.  She can pick up her head and move it side to side when on her belly.  She also pulls her pacifier out of her mouth, not on purpose, if we don't have her hands away from her face. 
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