comfort nursing

My LO is a month old and has been EBF. He is a very healthy boy and we have had no issues with BF.

As of lately it seems like ALL he wants to do is nurse. He had been eating every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 hours at night. But recently during the day he wants to nurse about every hour and at night we will be lucky to go 2-3 hours. Plus he is not sleeping well. He will be fed, clean diaper and will cry, cry cry. The only thing that will calm him or that will get him to sleep is to nurse. He isn't eating, bc I dont hear him swallow and he will barley suck. He will stay asleep after he releases but when I try in move him he will wake within mins and start crying again. Sometimes the pacifier will sooth him enough that he will fall to sleep but not always. He rarely uses a pacifier so he does not really like it.

Im not sure if I should just keep letting him "nurse" when ever or if I should be trying other methods to get him to sleep on his own, maybe he is just to young for that? Or I though maybe he was having a growth spurt and just wants to eat more. Sometimes he gets frustrated when eating like he is getting enough or not fast enough.


Re: comfort nursing

  • I would say it's a combination of a growth spurt, comfort nursing and well only being a month old.  It's completely normal.  Newborns just tend to nurse a lot.  I'd say you're doing a wonderful job and you're supply will be benefited even if he's not actively eating.
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