Pain...what could this be?

Jericho is one today! I really never thought we would make it this far, and now I have a boobaholic and am wondering if he will ever stop LOL.

In other news I started having some breast pain last night. It started out feeling like maybe I was a bit full and needed to nurse Jericho. It does not hurt to nurse him but it didn't relieve the pain either. I went to bed but woke up a few hours later even more sore and now can feel swollen and very tender lumps, even hurts to move my arm. It is on my "side boob" just before the breast stops as you get closer to the armpit. I have never had a clogged duct (are there even ducts way over there?) or mastitis. I don't feel sick or feverish. Any ideas?
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Re: Pain...what could this be?

  • if you feel lumps and they are tender and swollen it definitely sounds like clogged ducts. i would use a pump and massage the area really hard in a constant circular motion using a lot of pressure and maybe use warm compresses beforehand. not to scare you but you don't want the clogged duct to turn into mastitis.
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