tank low in evenings

Anyone have an issue with just not having enough left in the evenings for LO? This has happened to me all the sudden especially on the right side. I am a SAHM and always with LO so I rarely ever pump but thinking of pumping to help supply. I have fenugreek that I took before but stopped so I'll start that up again. What did you do if you had this issue?
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Re: tank low in evenings

  • best thing you can do to increase supply is BF more, it is normal to feel less full in the evenings and babies to cluster feed especially if they are going to sleep a bit longer overnight.
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  • I pump in the morning right after DDs first feed and leave the milk in the fridge in case we need a little extra at night when the "tanks" are low. 
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  • I started to take Fenugreek for my low supply. I got it at my local health (vitamin) store. My pediatrician told me about it. I went from pumping 1 to 1 / ounces from each side every 3 hours to 5-6 ounces from each side every 3 hours within 6 hours of taking the capsules. I only took 2 capsules daily and still do. My LO is 5 months on the 8th.

    The only "downfall" is they taste like maple syrup. they make your BM smell and taste of maple syrup. Your urine smells of it and your body will give off the smell as well. 

    I would check with you pediatrician first before taking it, just to be sure it won't react to any of your medications, even though it is just an herbal supplement.

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