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XP: Supplementing ?

Unfortunately the time has come where I am now unable to produce enough breastmilk to feed LO for an entire day. I am an EPer and I will continue to pump for as long as I continue to produce milk so she will still be getting mostly breastmilk. At this point I think I only need to supplement for one bottle a day. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to go about introducing formula? Is there any time of day thats better than another?

Oh and I am also CDing....any CD mamas out there that can inform me on what formula poop is like and if I will need to do anything differently for LO's diapers?


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Re: XP: Supplementing ?

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    I have to supplement, and we just gave him a bottle and he was fine. You can try doing a 50/50 formula/BF mix to start if you are concerned, but that may confuse him when he starts just formula.

    We CD, and I don't think it matters. FWIW, we use Enfamil Infant, but have used Gerber and Similac too. Just throw them in the wash like you did before.

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    I am also an EPer who is supplementing.  Here's how i've done it:

    -About 6 weeks old or so, I started making her bedtime bottle a 50/50 mix of BM and formula (Enfamil Newborn).  I mainly did that because it seemed to make her sleep longer stretches, and also it gave me a chance to get ahead on pumping.  Daytime bottles were all BM.  I was making about 4 oz a session.

    -Now, as of about 2 weeks ago, I am making about 4 oz at a pumping session still and she is now taking 5 oz, so daytime bottles are now mostly BM, with 1 oz formula (Enfamil in the yellow tub).  Bedtime is 2 oz formula mixed with 1 tablespoon oatmeal cereal, fed with spoon, followed by 1 oz formula mixed with 3 oz BM. 

    I always put BM and Formula in the same bottle, but the only thing about it is that LO has to finish the whole bottle or you have to throw it out.  So, before I got the hang of what she was drinking, I put a lower amount in and just mixed an extra ounce or two if needed, if she still seemed hungry.  Now, I know she will consistently drink 5 oz., so I just mix that to start.  I don't like supplementing, but it's either that or she is hungry all the time, because she just needs more ounces now.  Good luck!

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