Clicky: Have you ever knowingly sent your kid somewhere sick?

Only use the guideline puking or fever in the last 24 hours (not a head cold)?  I wasn't planning on adding the working variable but the sociologist in me....

somewhere= school, playdate, daycare, CEC, bounce house, birthday party, NYE party,  (not the doctor or the like)...


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Re: Clicky: Have you ever knowingly sent your kid somewhere sick?

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    I said yes b/c the question said *ever*. 


    I have in the past but I don't make it a habit.  

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    Never puking. She will stay home always.

    Fever, depends on the fever.  A few weeks ago my daughter had the flu and had a fever of 103.6 at her highest. It stayed 101/102 range for 2 days and then went down to the 99's.  After 5 days, she was back to herself and said she felt 100% fine, but had a 99.1 when she woke.  She went to school that day (which was a Monday)- I didn't really consider that a fever at that point, and it was actually completely gone when she came home. I don't assume she was contagious at that point.  Of course, I kept her out of school when it was high and she had the actual flu symptoms. (3 days of missed school, then weekend).

    Head cold she will go anywhere, I can't keep her home for those. She has way too many.  Anything else, I will not typically send her anywhere.  I'm a SAHM.

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    I have taken him out of the house when he has had a fever (like to run errands with me) but nowhere that he is around other kids.
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    So you are asking if I have sent my kid somewhere less than 24 hours after puking and/or fever right? Ummm, yeah.

    I generally go by how they feel NOW.  If they have been sick for a few days or puked multiple times then yes, I wait until they are good for 24 hours. If they puke once but then feel fine, or run a fever at bedtime but are bright and perky the next morning, then I send them to school. 

     Kids can be sick b/c they ate the wrong thing, are overtired, teething, etc. None of which require staying home for 24 hours. I sent my DS to school when he had strep less than 24 hrs after starting antibiotics.  He felt fine and pedi said it was ok.  He was actually more contagious before the onset of his symptoms (which is the case of most illnesses).

    Do I send my kids when they are actually still sick and not feeling good? No. 


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    If the sickness involves barf or other digestive issues we stay home.  I think in other cases, you use your judgement. 
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    I have a kid who pukes frequently when he is not truly sick. Its a combo of acid reflux, allergies and a sensitive gag reflux. So yes, I have sent him places when he has vomited within 24 hrs, but I knew it wasnt the flu or anything.
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    I try hard to live by the same rules that I would ask the parents of my of students to live by.  So that means if LO has been throwing up, had a fever or had diarehia in the last 24 hours he stays home from daycare.

    Either Dh or myself stays home and sometimes I can convince my brother to come over since he owns his own business as a photographer and can usually come over.


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    Never throwing up but yes for fever and/or diarrhea.  DD1 has stomach issues  if she has too much fruit or gets stressed or whatever so I can't use that rule anyway for her.  I have also been known to not take my kids' temp if they're warm but not buring up.  If they're acting mostly like themselves with a little cold or something, they go to school.  I've never sent them with a high fever or if they're not acting like themselves.  I go more on how they're feeling/acting than the fever.
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    For puking I always wait 24 hours regardless of how they are acting or feeling at the moment. IME they can be fine all day and still wake up puking in the middle of the night that night. 

    I will send them if they just have a cold/low fever and are acting fine.

    I work part-time and am fortunate enough that since I work evenings if one of the girls is sick, I don't have to call in for the whole shift. I just go in a little late after DH comes home. 

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    Yes, I have. 

    My dd is the kind of kid who pukes easily. It doesn't necessarily mean she's sick. Often it just means she was really upset with something or gagged (she gags easily.)

    She is also the kind of kid who rarely has a solid poop. She has diarrhea frequently. If I kept her home for 24 hrs. after having diarrhea she'd never leave the house.  

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