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Trouble TTC

Anyone done lab tests ordered online?

I am nervous about the idea but really want the test done so I can then decide if I want to keep TTC.


Anyone used an online company? How did it go?

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Re: Anyone done lab tests ordered online?

  • Wow, I didn't even know this was possible!


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  • I didn't know it was possible either -- when I saw your title I thought that you meant your doc uploaded the order to your patient portal, and then you took it to the lab.  I've done that.

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  • I know that its possible, but I've never done it. All I can recommend is make sure the lab meets standards for The Joint Commission and is accredited. If so, I say go for it as long as you know what tests to order!

    Good luck!

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  • I've never heard of doing that. I just don't know that I would feel comfortable with it- Just my opinion though. How does that even work? Like how do you have your blood drawn?

     If you have your OBGYN run your labs and they are coded for abnormal bleeding or anything like that though your insurance will cover it since its not fertility related.  That is what I would do personally. GL!

  • I thought it was nuts when i first heard about it... Then i did some reading and I guess it's getting quite popular. (from last jan)

    My OBGYN isn't working with me at all :( I wish I could just get her to order some of the tests but I have gotten nothing :( I did switch over from Kaiser HMO to a PPO so I am hoping maybe I can get further that way.

    I know what testing I want done and how to read them... It might be a waste because if we do move forward all would have to be redone with an RE.

    Basically they partner with local labs (there are a few here) and you get the draw done there. The results are sent via the company you purchased though. 

    I just wanted to see if anyone had done it...

    m/c 99'
    C born 2000 (clomid 3rd cyle after 2 years TTC)
    m/c '03 (3rd IUI)
    L born '04 (4th IUI with injectables after 2 years TTC)

    Currently TTC #3
    cycle 5
  • What tests do you want done?

    Do you have a PCP who could order them for you?

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  • Not to be snarky or nosy, but you're on cycle 5 of trying for #3 if your siggy is correct - what tests are you looking to have done? 
  • I probably should correct my sig...

    This my 3rd time around with IF. I no longer have the insurance I had in the past, or they would take me straight in for testing. They would most likely start at least clomid & IUI or straight to what worked last (4th IUI) injectables with IUI.  I was one cycle away from IVF according to the RE I was seeing.I was hoping perhaps things changed since I lost 75 pounds and I appear to be ovulating regularly. But so far nothing. I haven't been that aggressive I admit because I have been trying not to get... I dunno... Stressed? My entire life was TTC for four years (2yr then 2yr) and I can't believe I am even considering doing this again. It was the worst time of my life. But I am not sure I can turn back now.

    I want to get at least my FSH and my progesterone checked but my GYN isn't going for it and doesn't think it's medically necessary.  I just changed insurance so I am hoping I can get a different OBGYN to do it.

    m/c 99'
    C born 2000 (clomid 3rd cyle after 2 years TTC)
    m/c '03 (3rd IUI)
    L born '04 (4th IUI with injectables after 2 years TTC)

    Currently TTC #3
    cycle 5
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